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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yup. We still exist.

Let me explain. With Clint's work/school schedule he doesn't really get "free time" anymore. Any spare moment he has to spend doing schoolwork. I am working full time and just trying to stay on top of the basics at home like clean underwear in the dresser and food in the fridge, not saying that these are always taken care of.

For Jonathan's birthday (Mar 13) we met up in Pine. My mom had booked a week through her timeshare that had to get used.

It was a 1 bedroom, which sleeps 4. There were six of us and two babies. The next morning 7 more showed up. 

We had a good time. 
It was a short trip.
I'm glad we got to spend time with family.
Next time we'll rethink "sleeps 4".

I don't have any pics of us actually doing "birthday" stuff for Jonathan. 
I know.

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  1. I love the last picture where Lina is clearly trying to be sneeky about pulling Charlie near her.