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Friday, January 25, 2008

PASS or FAIL!!!!

Something huge happened yesterday….no pictures but lots to tell! So I have been working at State Farm for a few months now and it started out just as a part time job while I was in school but when my boss offered me the opportunity to get licensed and come on full time I jumped at that! So as soon as school finished up last month I started full time and signed up for the licensing tests. There are two….one for property and casualty (auto and home), and the second for life and health.
These tests are despised by all and I have only heard terrible things about the test taking experience….ya know people having to take it several times to pass it! So I was a little intimidated as I study and prepared for the first test date….Dec 31 I took the Prop and Casualty test and after an entire weekend of cramming….(and not celebrating my one year anniversary)…all my hard work paid off. I passed the first test!! It was such a relief and something huge to celebrate that night, in addition to ushering in the New Year!

So right after I passed that test I scheduled the next one out a few weeks. It was set for Jan 24 at 12pm! I decided that cramming was probably not the best route to go so I started studying a few weeks in advance this time… (Of course I am a procrastinator at heart so I did have some cramming to do)…at any rate, with sweaty palms, a pounding heart, and crazy nervous…I went
to the testing center and took the dreaded test. I prayed that I would just remember everything I had studied and that I would be able to draw from some of my experiences to answer the questions I didn’t know the answers to.

So the test consists of 2.5 hours and 150 questions with an additional 5 experimental questions (but you don’t know which ones they are so you can just blow them off). About 45 mins into it I was almost done and started to worry that I was flying through it to quick because I was unsure of so many of my answers, I started to really think that
I was going to have to attempt a second time to pass this thing….I just tried to put away those feelings of doubt and stayed focus…..as soon as I hit ENTER on question 155, the next screen was an option survey that was the only thing standing between me and the dreaded verdict of PASS or FAIL!....I hurried and opted to not take the survey….and then there was the next screen….I stared at it and couldn’t even believe it….my heart was going to jump out of my chest and I almost started crying!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our First Chrismas!

So this Christmas we got fat eating tamales, ham, funeral potatoes and chocolate!.... luckily Scooter insists on brisk walks so we are out a lot more than we used to!

This year was cool, since we had already gotten our gift opening out of the way, on Christmas morning we headed over to Clint's mom's house to do gifts. We were really excited because we got Marian a digital camera and so we were anxious to see her open it! She loved it! We got movies, and clothes and some yummy food for lunch!! We lounged around with Uncle Eric and Norm, took naps, watched movies. Then in the afternoon we went over to my parents house and did gifts with them. We had Candi so we were really excited because we knew we got her exactly what she asked for, a watch and perfume! She had us and she got us movies and me a jewelry armoire! I LOVE IT!!! My parents gave us a dril!! YES!! and clothes too. Check out Candi's blogger for pics of it all!