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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remember when...

Remember when I used to update my blog regularly? Well those days are long gone.

Remember when I used to update my blog not so regularly and give summarized update of what has been going on? Well those days are long gone too.

Instead I am just going to update with what happened this morning.

I woke up at some random time in the night to the brightest full moon glaring through my window right on my face. It took me a while to get back to sleep, but not before making a mental note that I need to get window coverings up in our house sooner rather than later.

Brief update:We bought a house back in October and moved in a couple of months ago. Decorating it is still in the works.

Then at 5:30am Lina came downstairs in to my room asking for chocolate milk. Instead of taking her back to her room, I pulled her into bed with me and snuggled for another hour. With a new baby on the way I have a sense of urgency to enjoy Lina as much as I can while it's just her.

Brief update: We are expecting another baby! It's another summer baby, due July 31st.

Clint got to stay home with Lina today and does tomorrow too. I am not a fan of coming to work on the days that he's off. I already dread my 45 minute commute, knowing that they are at home enjoying eachother and instead I am driving then working then driving some more doesn't make it the least bit more enjoyable.

Brief update: I changed jobs back in August. Still State Farm, just a different agency. Now I am driving out to 19th Ave. and Baseline in South Phoenix.

While unpacking a box early this morning I found my long lost camera's batter charger. Hopefully this means new pictures to come with my next post.