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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There's nice weather again...

About once a year Clint and I do a small amount of reflecting on our lives and realize that we don't do enough "active" activities. We got bikes...but hardly every ride them. We have a park in our backyard....but hardly ever go there. We have a nice little neighborhood....but hardly ever take walks. And this time of reflection usually comes as a result of nice weather we realize we are missing out on while all cooped up inside watching The Office, The Bachelor, or The Biggest Loser. So we usually (about once a year) decide we want to change and we go on a hike. Yes A hike. I think there is an older post of us going on a hike last year, yes A hike. This year we opted to leave our sissy dog Scooter at home and picked up two of my yw, Alejandra and Karla. They were good sports....for the most part.

New News!

I just got bigger news....another baby is on the way. My brother and sister in law are preggers!!!! They are due in October, and I am super stoked about having our kids 3 months apart. I told my brother that him and Clint have to go to the same CRNA school so we can live close to eachother and our little girls can be best friends and grow up together and we can go on vacays together.

K. So as you can see I have our lives planned already and I'm not going to lie, I really really want them to have a girl.

Oh and a little side note...I experimented some more with my cricut expression and here is my first official project.
And I randomly found this photo of my nephew Noah on my phone and couldn't resist posting it here too. He's freaking adorable.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Final Answer?

The ultrasound tech said she is 100% sure we are having a girl...then the three most important words of advice..."shop, shop, shop!".

Here's the first pics of our little girl...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vote for a Boy or Girl!

This week is the much anticipated ultra sound, where hopefully my little boy will show his stuff, or my little girl will show what she's missing.

I have been anxious (to put it lightly) to find out and get rockin on the nursery and online shopping so I have heard and tried just about every superstitious method of finding out.

Here are the results from a few:

According to Candi's boyfriend's family's method a dangling ring over my wrist reveals that I am having a girl.

Whereas, my R.S. pres had me (and girls at work, and my yw) hunting for an ant to reveal that I was having a boy.

My dad's "intuition" which has been right 6/7 with his own kids and 4/4 with the grandkids, tells him I am having a boy.

An online quiz I took that asked a series of questions that seemed very irrelevant revealed I was having a girl.

Here's some of the things some of my clients have told me will help decipher:

1. I am "carrying high".

2. I crave sours not sweets (if you want to call them cravings).

3. My husband has more sisters than brothers.

4. My hair is growing faster than usual.

5. My eyelashes aren't falling out.

So I am nowhere near having a better idea of what I am having than I was when I started testing out these wild ideas, I guess I will just have to wait and see what kind of peep show we get at the doc's office.

In the meantime, share any new ideas you guys have that will reveal it all....and vote on the poll.