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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sister and Dust.

I have a really cool little sister.

I guess I should refer to her as "younger" in order to paint a more appropriate picture, she's 23...not so little anymore right?

On Thursday I was going down my to-do list, I though I might tackle the "dust" project that has been on my list for several weeks now. I managed to muster up enough energy to get out my dust rag and was totally 100% dreading the thought of dusting my house.

I approached my first victim. The end table in my living room. I noticed that the dust wasn't nearly as bad as I expected on it. I gave it a quick once over with out even removing the picture frames. I went to the next end table....weird....there was not even enough dust for me to write my name in it.

I moved to the book shelf. Same finding.

There was only one explanation. My house was no longer susceptible to the evils of dust accumulation on my furniture!

Okay, I guess there is another explanation....

My little younger sister had dusted for me while she was over watching Lina on Tuesday!!!!

What more could I ask for???

Not only does she save me a fortune in childcare by watching Lina at my house every other Tuesday for FREE while I'm at work....she also dusts my house!!!

I don't know about you guys but I think she's pretty dang cool!

Thanks Candula!


  1. I think she's pretty dang cool too. I'd think she was cooler if she dusted my house as well. ;-)

  2. That was super sweet of her what a great sister and Tia:)

  3. OH Ceci.........I enjoy watching Lina, Tuesday's are my favorite and even better when I have something to do. (of course beside changing Lina's blowouts and trying to get her to nap ;)

    I'm glad you could enjoy a couple of days dust free.

    P.S. thanks for the younger comment :)