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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Valentine's Day!

For those of you who don't know....Clint is really not the most creative when it comes to date planning. His idea of a perfect night is staying at home, eating a home cooked meal, and watching the History channel. Fortunately, he married someone who has a better idea of how to have fun! =]

So with Valentines Day coming up and after missing the one year anniversary.... he knew he had to do something! And let me tell ya.....he really did a great job.

I came home from work to find a gourmet "home cooked meal" (secretly from Bacci's Bistro)....all set out on the table with candles and dimmed lighting. I was very impressed. We ate this awesome dinner and then exchanged gifts. Funny thing about that is that we both gifted eachother smelly stuff....(do we stink or something?).

Then he had the bikes loaded up in the truck and we went for the bike ride I have been begging him to go on for weeks!

Then we got frozen yogurt and headed home to watch the Suns Game!!

My husband is so freaking cute!!!

Goose plays soccer!

So Emilee actually came and hung out at my house (let me just say that I have invited her over countless times and she always ends up ditching me)....but only because her Papi was going out of town for the weekend and she needed somewhere to stay. Clint and I really enjoyed her company. We took her to her soccer game on Saturday morning. Part of the deal was that we would make her really mad before her game.....apparently she plays better when you get her mad! So we threatened to leave her on the side of the road and have her walk......it didn't work out since we were running late......but we did give her a hard time right before we got there. Apparently not hard enough though because she didn't score....maybe it had to do with the Dairy Queen Blizzard she convinced Clint to buy her the night before. =) It was a lot of fun. Enjoy the pics!

Oh....funny story.....
So we took her to church with us and it took her a little while but she eventually leaned over and said "Tia, I can't understand anything....it's all in spanish!" She had to sit through sacrament meeting and then she was the envy of all the 11 year old girls in primary because I took her to young womens with me! She ended up making friends with Obispo's daughter and so we went over for dinner and she didn't ever want to leave.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Mr. or Mrs. President!?

Super Tuesday was a roller coaster of a ride! I had anxiety all afternoon as I heard the poll predictions coming in! Because I am registered independent I couldn’t vote in the primary election and I made the mistake of telling Clint we could and sent him out in the morning to brave the crowds…only to find out that we couldn’t! So we resorted to calling everyone to remind them to get out and cast their vote. With the big three concerns being 1.) Economy 2.) Immigration and 3.) Iraq, I have been following the debates and deciding who I would support for the presidential nominee.

I’ll have to admit I started following the Republican candidates in hopes of finding a true conservative candidate, and to my dismay I found that our own Senator McCain, although acclaimed to be a conservative is far from being a valid representation of the party. Not only that, I immediately was turned off by him when I saw the interview shortly prior to the Iowa caucus when he said, “The issue of economics is not something I've understood as well as I should." I really do expect the president of the USA to be an economic expert if they expect to get us out of this recession or at least keep us form getting any deeper into it.

I am very aware of the media’s spin on how they cover the debates, interviews, and even how much air time they give each candidate so I try to really get as much info from all forms of media. This year I turned to one of my friends who is in Iraq and who has made a humble request for all of us who support him there. He emailed me a few days before Super Tuesday and just made this request “Please don’t give your vote to anyone who is promising to get us out of here in the next year!” I thought this was a strange request from a soldier, I couldn’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to come home. He went on to say, “When I signed up to defend my country I understood that I would be asked to do that in a time of war…and I may even be buried with that honor. …. We have accomplished so much in the time we have been here and if we pull out now, all that we have done will have been in vain. …. There is too much to do and one year is not enough time to do it in. Let us do our job, trust us. We came here to keep the war here, if we come home before we are through, we will be bringing that war home with us.”

As I stayed up waiting for all the polls to close and the results to come in, I was very proud of the record setting turn out this election of voters who came out to cast their votes in a primary election. Unfortunately, McCain did a lot better than I had hoped and left me very worried for his fellow party runner, Romney.

Now that Romney has dropped out and Huckabee is gaining delegate votes I am more interested in Ron Paul than I have ever been! He is strong supporter of decreasing the size of government. I don’t know if mainstream Americans will see the up side to this. But seeing as to how the media decides who we get to hear from, I’ve really had to do some research to find out his views. He is defiantly worth looking into. If Romney doesn’t jump back in and run as an independent (which I think is far-fetched), Ron Paul might be our last hope. Check him out!