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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ASU Homecoming

Clint's studying and quiz taking require a quite home. I mean no TV, talking, playing, or even cooking. He doesn't do well with distractions.

So to appease him, on Saturday after Lina woke up from her nap (which gave him some quite time, I loaded her up in the car and we headed to Tempe. After maneuvering through all that traffic near campus and smiling at fellow ASU fan's colorful language as I did yet another u-turn, we finally met up with Tia Candi.

Lina cooperated with the dress up Shrek lady because she was distracted/bribed with licorice. Now I know the trick to getting her to keep something in her hair. She wasn't too fond of Sparky up close.

She wasn't a fan of Indian fry bread either. That's okay. I didn't mind finishing it off by myself.

Oh, and she loves bounce houses. Mostly she just sits there and lets the other kids bounce her around, which other kids think is weird. But Lina loves it.

She put up a good fight when I had to practically crawl in there to get her out.

And by the looks of these pictures, I've become a frumpy mom. I ate my own words...again.