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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is what my future holds...

Today I got a complimentary palm reading from one of my clients. Here’s my fortune:
I will have three of these, 
but only two biological. And they will be extroverted, powerful, and will drain me.
I will not ever get a large sum of this, but I won’t have any disparity either.

My career line shows that I will not always be working here  
I will have a change of career into something to do with art, and in my later years I will be a teacher of some sort.
My  something line shows that I am guarded and don’t give out my love easily. As a result my sex line shows that I treat sex like a and whomever I give this to has had to work for it.

According to my Solomon’s Ring, I am as stubborn as one  of these

Based on how I hold my hand. I my family above anything else, but need my space and 


When it comes to giving advice, I have a lot of (good) advice to give but get frustrated when people don’t take it.

I usually give it several times but eventually 
because I get annoyed when people don't take it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Kleenex and Medications

I am so grateful for these two commodities.

Clint and I both got sick last weekend...lame way to celebrate a three day weekend. Being sick sucks. Being sick with a baby to care for sucks even more. Being sick with a baby to care for when the other parent is sick as well sucks really bad!!

Thank heavens for my in laws (both of them) who jumped in and took Lina so we could attempt to get some rest. Marian and Gabby came over on Sunday right after church to take Lina to their house. They rushed over right after church, they hadn't even changed out of their church clothes when they got there.

Then on Monday, our plans of going to Alan's (my FIL) to swim and BBQ were cancelled. When Alan got the message he called back to say "I know you guys are sick but what does that have to do with Lina coming over?". 30 minutes later we were meeting up in Fountain Hills.

4 boxes of kleenex, a lot of hand sanitizer, and of course some nursing school homework consumed our Memorial day weekend. On Wednesday I went to see the doctor and he sent me home with some antibiotics for ear/sinus infections.

We are recovering. I am back at work and actually feel like I can survive the day.