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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

I was in charge of planning V-day this year. Since I am not one to pass up an opportunity to do something BIG for an occassion I decided to go all out and reserve a fancy resort stay in Scottsdale for us.....

However, Clint's school/work schedule didn't really leave me much room to work with and finding an overnight sitter for Lina posed a bit of a challenge....

My big romantic plans got put on hold for a year...or two....

Instead we dropped Lina off at her Abi's house and ventured out for dinner and a movie!! I know, so predictable right?

We had a nice coupon and gift card to Ruby Tuesday, but leave it up to me to forget those. We ended up finding a nice little hidden sushi restaurant. (Clint is now a huge fan!) Then, we joined the rest of the cliche couples in watching Valentine's Day (the movie). We made out in the car for a bit, picked up Lina, then went home.

I made Clint open his present in the restaurant, he was totally embarrassed. I got him the pull up bar he requested. I got a pretty "eternity necklace" from him and super gushy letter to go with it. Loved it.


  1. I looooove that you made out in the car :) I only really miss having a car for that very reason..

  2. Too funny! That's pretty much what Bryce and I did too! We actually sat outside our garage in our car and decided we weren't ready to go in to the chaos yet... and so what else should we do but relive our dating years and make out too! Seems like the popular thing to do!

  3. How did you like the movie?? Was it weird going without us? ha!

  4. The movie was okay. It's a rental. It was weird to not have you guys there for sure...I have a story for you about going out with another couple (weirdness).

  5. ha ha you forgot to mention the part about you buying your gift and the funny dress story