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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally....The Christmas present arrives!!

It was only a week and a half late...but totally worth it.

Clint and I didn't gift eachother anything this year and instead bought ourselves this enormously too big of a television....
I had tons of visa gift cards saved up and so it only ended up costing us $250!!

Clint was like a little kid on Christmas day with his new toy! I am glad he liked it so much!

Now when we watch football, he says he is just missing his laser pointer so he can explain to me what player he is referring to when he says "that guy in the back"....I am kinda not so much a fan of that part of it.

Anniversary...2 years!

I made Clint an awesome (not so healthy breakfast) to celebrate our two year anniversary! Yes, eggs benedict! Can you believe it?? I can't! It was a disaster in the kitchen. I have never in my life made poached eggs and I followed the directions, well I thought so, and so needless to say I did lose an egg or two before I got these right. (They don't make eggs like this in my country.)

Then he treated me to a massage at Fuschia Spa! Loved it!!!!!

I totally am hooked and can't wait for the next occassion, I know what I am requesting!

Isn't my husband so freaking cute!? I am one lucky girl!


Christmas eve this year was at our house. We changed it this year by having my mom make tamales ahead of time and just bringing them over already made! I will have to admit I didn't think I was going to miss all the work but I really did.
We have the fam over for a little "talent show" program and tamales and gift opening. It was fun to get the whole family together, Candi had to do her visit via telephone from Germany, so the only person we were missing was Emilee.

My parents performed their rendition of "Baby It's Cold Outside", and it was the highlight of the night! They were so cute! I wish I would have video taped it! Pictures don't do it justice. My dad is convinced that next year he is going to do better so we'll see!

Jacob and Tyler had a duet to "Santa Clause is coming to town". LOVED IT!!

Jonathan and Megan got their clear player!!

The Malkou's got a Fire Safe!

We made out like bandits this year! We were so glad that Megan and Jonathan got us (well mostly Megan). She made us this awesome quilt which is now our favorite blanket!! They also got us matching NAU shirts, a "The Office" calendar that is freakin hilarious, a Pyrex dish (that has a funny story), and a nice Schnauzer button up sweater vest. YES!!!!! Thanks guys!!

Scooter got a new pato!!

Ernest got clothes!

Mom got smelly stuff and pots & pans!

Dad got a new running outfit (as usual), and smelly stuff!

Around 1pm we finally hit the sack. Then Clint woke me up at 5am because Scooter had knocked over the trash and so Clint was so mad he couldn't go back to sleep. I was convinced that Clint was crazy because he had to be the only person waking up the fam when there were no more gifts to open!! I got up and we watched all of 10 minutes of a movie and then we were out again!

We woke up the next morning around 10 and moseyed over to Clint's mom's house and hung out there. We got our first pack of diapers!!!!

Later we went to Clint's dad's house and hung out and stuffed our faces some more!
By the end of the day we were barely awake! Noah sums it up pretty nicely...

Catch Up!

I realized today when I downloaded pics from my camera that I have not blogged for a while...

So here is a major catch up sesh!

I finally went public with the whole prego thing and it wasn't as dramatic as I thought it was going to be. I was going to put it off until I was showing big time and I was reading in my prego book that I should start measuring my belly and taking photos because they will be fun to compare...so here is my three month mark photo.

It doesn't seem like much but I wanted to document it so I have something to compare to in a few months. I may not want to go public with those photos then so don't hold it against me if I have a change of heart.