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Monday, March 3, 2008

Clint hits 25!!!

Clint hit the big quarter-century birthday that he was anticipating all year (only because of the insurance break he gets once he hits 25)!!! We spent the whole day celebrating!! We had a blast!
We started the day at the Renaissance Festival! We ate the famous turkey legs, frozen cheesecake, and chocolate covered bananas!
We watched the sword swallower!! That was crazy! He would actually swallow these swords, and to prove it he stuck a magnet on the side of his throat and as he took the sword out.....the magnet fell off!! To finish off the show he swallowed a huge 'ol balloon and didn't ever pull it out!!

Then we let Tyler and Sebastian brave it on the bungee jumping trampolines!

We had to go to the Jousting Match!! Our guy lost but he put up a great fight!! Kinda cheesy...but I'll have to admit....I am guilty of getting pretty wrapped up in it all and....yeh, it was very suspenseful!! IT WAS INTENSE!!!

Ohhhhh....aren't my nephews so darn cute!!! The best part of little kids is seeing them get excited and enjoying some of the simplicity of life that we adults tend to bypass. Here's Noah smiling because I teased him about being cooler than his older brothers because he gets to ride around in a stroller and they actually have to walk! I don't know what his deal was, he was trying so hard to keep from laughing!

Tyler and Sebastian bought souvenirs...kinda random stuff for sale at the Renaissance Festival....yeh, like um.....a feather?.....and a plastic crown. But hey, the boys loved them! Not sure what Tyler is doing with the feather here!

We spent the whole day at the festival and on our way out spent some time taking some funky pictures! Here's one of us as "royalty"! I think Clint is checking out my boobs!

So.....when I plan a birthday celebration, we go all out! So even though we were totally exhausted from walking around all day!! We still went to dinner! This was what Clint was really looking forward to! MCGRATH's FISH HOUSE!!! ....so, I am not really a huge seafood fan....not exactly a fan of a restaurant that has your food swimming around in a fish tank for you to pick out! But hey, it was Clint's b-day and I figured I should give in at least on this day! He loves seafood and so we got everyone together for a good hearty seafood dinner!

Here's the pictures of everyone who came...some of them Clint took...can you figure out which ones? Or better yet, can you figure out who the pictures are of?

Clint started by ordering oysters....he made all the guys slurp one down! Well...except for
Doug...somehow he got out of trying one.

Funny story....Armando wasn't there yet when we started the oyster endeavor so Clint was saving one for him. Jonathan says to Clint "save one for Armando....he's Mexican, he probably loves them!". So there you have Clint saving an oyster for Armando...then we start babbling about how not all Mexicans like oysters....we had Vicente and Caro there as living proof! So, Clint decided that there was a good chance that Armando didn't even like them, and he took it upon himself to slurp the last remaining oyster. Right then, Armando walks in, sits down and then we all ask him if he likes oysters and his response is "oh yeh man! I love them!". His eyes lit up and he thought he was going to get some....ummm....well...Clint bashfully apologized and let him know he had already finished them off!! Sorry Armando!! Hey, we know what to get you for your birthday now!
Thanks guys for coming out to celebrate....we had a blast!!!!