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Monday, April 19, 2010

If I had 1 Million Dollars...

Randomly I try to get Clint to engage in a "what if" game.
It goes something like this

Cec: What if you had 1 million dollars, you only had one week to spend it, and you couldn't spend it on yourself...what would you do?

Clint: That would never happen.

Cec: I'm helping you prepare just in case it does.

Clint: Seriously Cec.

Cec: Seriously Clint.

Clint: (Silence)

Cec: Ok, if we ever go on a gameshow and they ask me how you would answer this question I won't know so we will lose the grand prize of $10,000 because of you!

Then he usually humors me with an answer that took way less effort to conjure up than it did to argue with me.

Then we are both happy.

Occasionaly I play the "what if" game with myself. My answers follow a pretty unoriginal pattern lately.

If I had 1 Million Dollars I would....

-hire a housekeeper.
-hire a landscaper.
-hire a live in nanny.
-hire a personal cook.
-hire an assistant.
-buy a new wardrobe.

If I had a housekeeper maybe my house would be presentable when we had company.
If I had a landscaper maybe Clint wouldn't be so hard on himself about how our yard looks.
If I had a live in nanny, Lina's 2:30am crying fit this morning would not have led me to give in to bringing her to bed with us.
If I had a personal cook my family would eat healthier and earlier.
If I had a pesonal assistant I wouldn't have to spend 1 hour of my Monday morning getting organized for the work week.
If I had a new wardrobe I wouldn't spend the better part of my morning trying on different outfits only to end up wearing the same trousers and dress shirt to work.

But I don't.

So until I do, don't judge me if when you come over you can tell that I just lit a candle to cover up the smell of my unclean home and you see piles of halfway done laundry on the couch and you look out into my backyard and see the overgrown hedges, weeds, and dog poo. Or you notice that the bags under my eyes are extra deep and I am eating dinner at 8:30pm, which happens to be a bowl of cereal, while answering emails on my work laptop that is nearly buried under unopened mail on my kitchen table while wearing the same trousers you saw me wear to work two days prior.

Don't worry either. We are surviving. We focus on small victories.

Lina threw up two days in a row in one week.
I cleaned her car seat, my car, and she survived..both times.
That was a victory.


  1. A housekeeper would be divine. And a nanny so I can run to Jo-ann whenever I feel the urge.

  2. I feel the same way. I can never catch up on anything house is a mess. I get overwhelmed with it that it seems nothing gets done. But I guess that goes with being a mother.

  3. Oh the things you think of are hilarious.