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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Bump at 23 weeks!

Here it is....The Baby Bump has officially arrived.

Some funny things that the bump has started:

1. When people see me, they no longer say hi to me instead I get a "oh my gosh", while they point at my belly. I have gotten used to it now, but I'll have to admit....at first I was a little jealous of all the attention my belly was getting over me.

2. Some people don't know for sure if I am prego or just chubby so it's made for some pretty interesting comments from those trying to tip toe around the sensitive subject. My favorite was when Pepe said "Dang! Are you pregnant!?". I explained to my little brother's 15 year old friend that had I not been pregnant, that would have been followed by a look of death.

3. Lastly, I made a perfect trade. A super cute empire waisted zebra print shirt (not maternity but so perfect for the belly) was traded for a super cute white ruffled top to my friend Jill. The best maternity clothes shopping trip ever!