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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not a catch up post

 I realize I haven't blogged in a very long time. And a lot has happened since my last post. So in an attempt to get caught up I looked through the pictures on my phone and quickly realized that getting caught up was going to be a feat I was not going to take on so instead I would just post some recent pictures and an update on what we are doing right now.

I'm all graduated from my intern class and so our hotel stays have come to an end. 

Lina loved loved going to the hotel while I was at the regional office. One night they mistakenly put us in a double queen room instead of the king suite so the girls got their own big bed.

The perks of the hotel stays were having full breakfast buffet every morning, the 6 minute commute to work, and seeing how excited Lina. The downside was that I missed sleeping in my own bed, I had to pack us for a week at a time, and it wasn't for a vacation.

According to my last post, I was still pregnant. Well surprise I had a baby! She is now 4 months old. How did time fly by so quick. She started rolling. I am convinced it's her attempt to escape from Lina.

 I can't for the life of me figure out how to rotate these pics now that I've uploaded them here.

My birthday came and went and although I am still in my 20's I didn't get too excited about celebrating. However, I did get a pretty sweet gift from my siblings. Candi picked up a sweet headboard. Jonathan and Megan whipped it into this sweet bench. It will be featured in our family pictures for sure.

Lina had her second dentist appointment this week. She did so well. We made a lot of progress since her last appt 6 months ago. Last time she wouldn't even sit in the chair. She took her prize and booked it. Since then we've talked it up and even role played a bit. All of the preparing paid off, she let them examine her teeth and even polish them up.