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Monday, November 12, 2007

Elk Hunting

Clint, Alan, and Grampa went Elk Hunting. They had a lot of fun, from what I heard, without the women! That was the longest week of my life...I didn't think I was going to miss Clint so much but I did...it was terrible!

Halloween 2007

Tribe Smak-a-malkou-and-some

So the annual Halloween party was a blast! Candi did an awesome job, as always. Everyone did a great job on the costumes...hands down to the indian tribe's seamstress. I was very impressed with the work she did! There were some very creative costumes that really made up for them being last minute...winner of the prize!!

Hooters Dinner

Josue's 16th Birthday Dinner!

First off, let me start out by saying that Hooters is not what it is all cracked out to be...atleast not the one out here in East Mesa. Nonetheless, the boys were real excited to celebrate Josue's 16th birthday there. They thought they were the coolest teenagers ever! Josue, I have more pics if you want them for your "my space" =] .

Mission pizza creation

Our Homemade pizza creation!!
We were so proud of it!
I was so excited to eat it!
So here's the story behind this...we got a ton of Pillsbury dough for free (with our coupons) and we knew we weren't going to be able to eat that many rolls so I tried out a creation I picked up on the mission...HOMEMADE PIZZA! We even stuffed the crust with string cheese, which made for an awesome extra! So two cans of dough, some spaghetti sauce and tomato paste, cheese, and peperonies are all you need for this yummy creation! It made for a fun date night too.

Clint and Cec

So after a lot of convincing I am on this blog thing trying to figure it out. It might take me some time, but for now here is this picture of us. We went for a walk, we chased down this sunset and hurried and snapped some pics.