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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deal or No Deal?!

I have expanded my love for bargains, reconsidered my habit of sleeping in on Saturday, and might be addicted to garage sales now!

The past two Saturdays I've gotten up super early on the hunt for people selling their baby stuff for super cheap...I have been successful to say the least.

Here are my finds from this week:

Changing pad and cover....$5

32 Onesies...$13

Baby Einstein Activity Mat thing...$10

The Magic Bullet with all the accessories still in the box...$15

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Latest Events

I don't have pics of all the latest events so I have been holding on blogging about them but as Jacque so kindly pointed out in her latest rebuking to me for not updating my blog, I can still type!

1. My little sister is graduating from ASU this May! First Henriquez to get a college degree!! So proud of her.

2. We have made some serious headway on Lina's room. Thanks to Kolby and Jonathan for helping do the wood. I looks great!

3. Jacque came into town, and although it's only been a few months, it felt like forever since we had seen her! We miss the Neils!!! Thanks for playing with us two days in a row!!

4. Finished "The Host". Not going to lie...I was kinda lost for the first chapter or so but so glad that I kept reading....can't wait for the sequel!! If anyone started it and felt lost and gave up, you need to pick it back up and finish it. Just know it gets SOOO good!!

5. I still love my cricut and have made some pretty fancy cards with it. My next project is vinyl lettering in Lina's room.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Shower Guest List.

Hi everyone! So the plan is to have a baby shower next month and I don't have anyone's addresses. Will you guys please send me your mailing addresses to my email (cchenri@msn.com)? Thanks!!!!
Can't wait to see you guys!