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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Clue Anyone?

Tawnya hosted a super fun Halloween party this weekend, here we are dressed up as Clue characters. Oh and it was murder mystery themed so we all went around trying to figure out who killed Dr. Doom....go figure it was Mr.Jade (Clint)!! And get, this I was the widow who had married him for his money just the week before. Tawnya was Princess Fuchsia who was trying to steal Dr. Doom from me. Jacque was Dr. Doom's favorite brown nosing niece who thought she would get the inheritance, because Ms. Peacock (Kysha) the other niece was written out of the will because of a fight over a trivia question. Mr. Plum (Dan) who was my brother went to college with Dr. Doom and got ratted out for not doing any work on their project. Then there was Kolby as the chef who aspired to be the butler but Dr. Doom turned him down, and Doug played Colonel Dijon....not sure how he was related, not sure he was sure either.

It was so much fun! Can't wait till next year. Doug and Jacque will just have to make a special trip from TX.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My brother, sister, and I all play on a co-ed rec soccer team. I will spare you our record....just know that it is a lot of fun! This picture was taken at our game a couple of weeks ago, we are missing a few people I guess they didn't want to be part of our cheeziness.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Precious...

So I had this dream last night that I woke up and all my furniture was gone. Clint and I were back to sleeping on an air mattress (which we really did when we first got our own place).....which happens to be dysfunctional because Clint's side ends up deflating and he ends up pushing my side up and I try to cuddle with him and end up with all sorts of soreness....at any rate, back to my dream....So I wandered around my house and it was all gone!!!
I woke up and decided that my favorite piece of furniture is my bed! If I had to go on with only one item of furniture from my house it would have to be it! We used to have a queen size bed that was a double pillow top that we got from this Hispanic guy who sells them out of a storage unit. We wheeled and dealed and ended up giving the guy a harkins voucher for the rest of the money he was asking....that was my favorite bed until we got this king size therapeutic (sp?) awesome gift of God!!

The story behind it is pretty funny too. We got a screaming deal on this one too!!

(We are very much opposed to paying full price for stuff!)

Here are pics of when we first got it. I was totally amazed at how much I could spread out on it! It took me a while to get used to it, I used to wake up in the middle of the night and reach over and not feel Clint and freak out!

Josue's First Homecoming

Aaaah..he's getting all grown and stuff...
Here's Josue's first Homecoming dance!
Josue's Homecoming

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just Checking...

So I just heard a rumor that Jill Warner and Chris Radigan are dating? They went on a double date with Pres and Sis Haines...Can anyone confirm this???? Just wondering...

Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is me...

I just stole this from Vance's blog...It was actually pretty funny...you guys should try it. All you do is answer the questions, and put your answers in a Google images search then post the first picture that comes up!

My name is: Cecilia

My middle name is: Catalina

My last name is: Burgess.

My favorite vacation spot is: Jerome, AZ. (this is where Clint popped the question.)

How old am I? 24 (Confession: I was addicted to this show and for three weeks straight I stayed up till odd hours of the night to watch three seasons!!)

Where I'd like to go someday: Dominican Republic (this is where Clint served his mission).

Where I grew up: Mesa, AZ.

My favorite food: Pupusas!!!

Favorite treat: homemade cheesecake

Where I live right now: Mesa, AZ (this was crazy! It really did snow in Mesa just two years ago!)

Favorite Animal: Mini-Schnauzer

Favorite Color: Yellow

I'm married to: Clint

Describe Hubby: Freaking Awesome!!!

What I do for work: State Farm Insurance

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some things are hard, and then they get harder...

For those of you who don't know I work for a State Farm Agent. I am one of the two sales girls there. We do auto, home, health, disability, and life insurance. I have to say at first, when I took this job I was hesitant to get into sales...but as I learned more about the industry, the company, and the people, I started to really like my job. My hang up with sales has always been that I am not good at selling something to someone that they don't need....so I guess that's why I enjoy my job so much, because I actually feel like I am selling people things that they need. Insurance is one of those things that really does protect us.

So, one of the things that I do is I make sure I talk to all my clients about life insurance....(and I know that life insurance sales-people have a bad rap, but I am really not sure why, I guess.) I wanted to share this story with you guys because it is something that maybe we don't talk about often enough and should!

Jacob (name changed) is one of our clients who has been insured with us for a while now. He has his cars and home with us. He's such a nice guy and every time he comes in we sit and chat about how life is treating us. On several occassions we have tried to discuss life insurance with him and tried to explain the importance of it to him. We'd ask him "Jacob, who would take care of your final expenses if something were to happen to you tomorrow?". He just rather not worry about that he'd say. "Jacob, someday you are going to settle down and you are going to need life insurance in place for your family's needs, why not get it now while is less expensive and available to you?". He'd worry about it later. Well, he called us up the other day to tell us that his fiance is moving in with him and we needed to add her car to his household, and he wanted to talk about life insurance for the two of them now. Well, here's the kicker....about 8 months back he was in a very bad accident on his motorcycle. He was in a comma for a few days and has experienced slight brain damage amongst a few other things. We had to call an underwriter to find out if he was insurable with the health complications he's had, and then we had to break the news to him that we couldn't offer him life insurance anymore....he's not insurable.

Here's another story that another agent shared with us yesterday:

The Harris Family (name changed), is one of the families that they insure who has their cars, atv's, house, rental property, and jewelry insured with them. It's a husband and a wife, and 3 kids ranging from 17-6 years old. Because they have been with them for so long, they have notated in the account the several times they have tried to get them into the office to discuss a life insurance plan for their family. Both the husband and wife had objections every time, "we have it at work", "we can't afford it right now", "you will need to talk to my husband about it", "ask me after the holidays".......etc.

Well, it was their oldest son who was driving out in Queencreek in the family rhino, he had his younger brother and a neighbor kid with him. They were on a dirt road getting ready to cross a major road, when a car came by and clipped them. One of the three boys didn't have his seatbelt on so he was flung from the rhino, and seriously injured. The other two boys, although they had their seatbelts on, were badly injured. The following day, Mr. Harris was in his agent's office discussing the accident, reviewing his coverages, and filing a claim. It also happened to be Mr. and Mrs. Harris's wake up moment that they needed to sit down and discuss the family's plan to get life insurance.

Losing a loved one is hard enough, if you add the financial burden that they leave behind, it only makes it harder!

Please take a moment to look around you and see the people you love who would be so seriously affected by your absence. Take the time to protect them!

This could happen to any of us:
New 2001 Beetle sandwiched between two trailers carrying half a modular home, on 9/17/01. The front truck stopped for a road block, but the rear one couldn't stop (didn't have his "Jake brake" set properly for the load he was carrying.