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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Days off with Lina

Every now and then mine and Clint's schedules match up so we have a day off together. I usually wake up with a list of things we need to get done and have a plan for using our time in the most effective way by checking off these things from my list. Clint has a way of keeping things in perspective and making time for the important things I tend to leave off my list. 

For example...

Playing at the park with Lina.
Taking a cat nap in the middle of the day.

and playing on our make shift water slide with BFF/cousin/neighbor, Charlie.

By the end of the day my list has usually gotten longer but I am so grateful for my little family and the time we get to spend together.

Annual Good Weather Hike

Every year, as my past posts show, we take an annual hike as the weather turns promising. This year was no exception. Lina did really well all the way up. She insisted on running on the way down which inevitably led to a few too many slips so Clint ended up carrying her down.

The hike was a success. Lina even had the opportunity to try out her wilderness potty break skills.