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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Recently ...

we celebrated Clint's job offer from the Mayo Clinic by eating sushi. Yup, amongst over 400 applicants he was one of the 35 chosen to start in June. We are sooo over the moon about this!
my little brother, Josue, went through the temple.
we celebrated Easter and were able to squeeze in all three sets of grandparents. Every time we do this I swear I will do it differently for the next holiday. 

Lina went on a second Easter egg hunt.

Lina convinced Nana to give her a binkie. I know, she's almost two and still using it...I guess I am out of the running for Mother of the Year again!
Josue had his farewell/open house so we took a lot of pictures.

Then we celebrated Easter which meant lots more pictures....don't you love how we all ended up wearing green?

we all met up at the airport to see Josue off.
we said goodbye.