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Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have discovered this complete culture that exists around a pregnant woman.

An entire culture that I was oblivious to, and probably would still be if it wasn't for the bun in my oven.
It all starts with a simple magazine subscription that you sign up for because its FREE and all of a sudden you are entered into drawings, getting more magazines, getting coupons, free samples...then before you know it you are anticipating the next American Baby issue so you can read anything and everything from personal birthing stories to how to rate your hubbie's daddy skills.

Somewhere in the mix of things I read about a "babymoon"...... yup it's even been given it's own official title. Basically, the last trip you take with hubby before the baby gets here. I read about babymoons as lavish as going on a 10 day Caribbean cruise to 1 month in Europe! I immediately subscribed to the idea....call me a sucker!

I pitched the idea to Clint and of course his initial reaction was to assume that I had conjured this up all on my own in an attempt to spend more money....
it didn't take him long to realize that to continue to earn the "supportive husband" title in our house he would too have to subscribe to this idea and not only that....plan it.

We made a day trip out of it. We headed up to Out of Africa for the morning. It's one of those places that we always wanted to go to as kids and never did and so after years of harboring that anticipation we were a bit let down. Maybe it was the price, maybe it was the fact that I had to pee every 20 minutes, or maybe it had to do with the fact that each animal had a story that makes the place sound more like a rescue than a wildlife zoo. We made the best of it. I spent a fair amount of time sitting...and the final verdict on the place was that we had fun but will probably never go back.

After that we drove up to Jerome. This little mining town is one of my favorite places to visit. There is one little hippy story that sells handmade jewelry that I am a sucker for, and then of course there is the Jerome National Park that overlooks Verde Valley which happens to be where Clint proposed. A rainstorm rolled in while we were there so we didn't get to hang out as much as we wanted.