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Friday, September 26, 2008


So while we don't have kids....we do have Scooter. He is basically like our kid.
I figured you guys all post pics of your kids doing cute things so I would humor you all and posts pics of my dog doing cute things.

Here's Scooter enjoying a bone that Clint gave him...he doesn't know that I am watching him...

He's really enjoying it...

He's really getting into it...

Then he freezes...I think he suspects something...

Then he quickly hides the bone, and tries to appear like he was doing nothing...

Here he is when he finally realizes I have been watching him. I love how he hid the bone and pretends like he was doing nothing...I think he thought I would take it away from him. Silly dog...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You want pedicure?

I went with my little sister and california cousins (Natalie and Melanie) to get pedis. It was well worth the splurge. I love getting my feet rubbed! Plus, they had tons of different styles...the amazing thing is that they hand painted this on my toes...not stencil, not a thing other than a brush! Crazy!

Oh and this seemed to fit so check out this video....this lady is hilarious...I was rolling!!

Seriously...watch the video!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Laboring on Labor Day

Let me preface this blog by saying that I am convinced that good friends can make just about anything fun!!

We woke up on our labor day at 5:45 am...well I think. Clint got up super early and met up with Doug, Jesse, and Kris to go shooting. There isn't much that gets Clint up that early, and there isn't really anything that gets him up that earlier in a good mood. Needless to say, he was anxious to go hang out with the boys.

After several failed attempts to go back to sleep I ended up getting up about an hour later. It was an inner battle I fought. I kept telling myself (for a full hour) that if I just laid there I would eventually fall back asleep. I couldn't!! My mind kept wondering to the ongoing list of things I had to accomplish. I got up took my car in for an oil change and wash...which was long over due...and then headed to Jacques to help finish the infamous project of painting the bathroom which has been at the top of her list for weeks (maybe months, not totally sure)!! After a trip to Home Depot for supplies, a bargain breakfast from Fresh and Easy (our new fav store) we were jamming out to a homemade mix and painting the bathroom "baked potato"! Tawnya couldn't resist and showed up to join in on the fun about an hour into it. We got it all done and the bathroom looks amazing! Great job girls!!

Well back at the Neils for dinner and an all original date night planned by Jacque herself! Oh and by the way, I went and got a haircut and showed off my new do for the night. (let me know what you guys think). We made homemade pizzas, stuffed our faces, and then....here comes the real fun...headed to the local Savers to get outfits for Laser Tag....not just any outfits...check these out! We were stylin' right!? The best part was that the Labor Day Special was 50% off of everything and 75% off of green tagged items!

Unfortunately, or fortunately (depends on who you ask) we didn't make it to Laser Tag and ended at Brunswick instead. We got some of the craziest stares while we were bowling! It was a blast.

Kolby killed us all in bowling...oh and I sucked it up the entire time (but offered great entertainment via my bowling technique, see video), except for at the end when I...ummm....basically blew it out of the water by bowling two strikes in a row!!!

It was a blast!! So...like I said earlier, good friends can make just about anything fun!!

(Oh and then on the way home we remembered that Labor day is also our engagement anniversary...yup! It's been 2 freakin years since we got engaged! Crazy how time flies by!