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Friday, January 14, 2011

So....what have you guys been up to?

This was the question of the month it seemed as I met up with friends who were in town over the holidays as we made an attempt to catch up and keep our kids well behaved.

(Yes, I did get a camera for my birthday...but left it at my in-law's on Christmas so this update will be absent of any pictures....sorry.)

I didn't get to meet up with everyone who was in town so for those of you I missed....here's our update.

Clint is in nursing school at ASU. He goes to the campus at the Mayo Clinic in north Scottsdale. He will graduate in May with his BSN. He wants to go on to do a master’s program for CRNA (nurse anesthetist). He’ll need to get a couple of years of ICU experience before he can do that so we’ve got a few years before we delve into that. He’s been working while going to school. He works at Ford Credit so between those two schedules, and homework, we hardly ever get to see him. But it will soon be over in May.

I’m still working for State Farm agent, Scott Frindell. I work four 10’s so I get Wednesday (and weekends) off. I am one of the teachers in RS. We are in the Citrus Heights Stake- Parkcrest ward. We just sold my car this week! No more car payments…yay!!

Lina is now 18 months old. She just went to nursery for the first time last week. When I picked her up the teacher said she was “Excellent!” I guess she cried for a minute when I left but then was fine after that. I have a friend from the Spanish branch who watches her 3 days a week and my mom or younger sister, Candi, watch her one day a week.

We are still cloth diapering and still LOVE IT! We use a disposable for night time because we haven’t found a system that will hold up all night. We are still attempting to teach Lina to speak Spanish. We mostly speak Spanish to her at home and switch to English when we are out with people who don’t speak Spanish. Both of my MIL’s speak Spanish so they are on board with it and of course my parents only speak Spanish to her. She is pretty bilingual up to this point and she is so dang smart (of course I think that, right?) that she learns new things every day!  

And lastly, it will be a while before we try for another. Probably, maybe, possibly when Lina is three. (She is a handful, I’m still trying to figure her out).

So yah, that’s pretty much what we have been up to. I know, not all that exciting!

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