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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally....The Christmas present arrives!!

It was only a week and a half late...but totally worth it.

Clint and I didn't gift eachother anything this year and instead bought ourselves this enormously too big of a television....
I had tons of visa gift cards saved up and so it only ended up costing us $250!!

Clint was like a little kid on Christmas day with his new toy! I am glad he liked it so much!

Now when we watch football, he says he is just missing his laser pointer so he can explain to me what player he is referring to when he says "that guy in the back"....I am kinda not so much a fan of that part of it.


  1. We fully support your Christmas present.

  2. Hey Ceci! I found your blog randomly. How cool. How far along is your baby? (I don't know what 175 days means) And I convinced my husband to let us travel over Christmas. It was way worth it. :)

  3. That IS an exciting Christmas present!! And even more exciting--YOU'RE HAVING A BABY! Sorry, I'm so far behind. Congratulations, Ceci :) What a lucky baby!!!

  4. I am so excited for you. I wish we would live closer- then maybe we wouldn't be so lame and I would be able to talk with you!