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Monday, December 24, 2007

Moore, Wigss, Henriquez, and Burgess...

This weekend was a BLAST!! It was a mini-missionary reunion. Moore, my district leader, and Wiggs, my companion, hung out with us this weekend. Moore came from UT to visit and we showed him around for the day.

We went shooting at the shooting range......I think we shot skeet.....or trap.....oh, I can't remember what the difference is. Wiggs and I were super nervous because neither of us have ever shot a gun and Clint and Moore (also Clint) were like pros.....well aclaimed pros.....they were talking about elk hunting and duck hunting and 350's and revolvers and shotguns.....it was all jibberish to us! At any rate......the score cards came back and much to their dismay they didn't do as good as they should have......I won't reveal #'s but let's just say I came out in the lead and Moore......well didn't do so hot.....he blamed it on the AZ weather change! Pfffhhh......

After our shoulders were officially dead (well mine atleast was), we went out to eat. Clint and I took them to the pupuseria....they were good sports and tried something new....not sure what they thought.....we had fun though.

We finished off the day at the temple lights. Man! It was freakin cold! Moore got really sick of hearing us wine about that so he threatened to throw Wiggs in the pool.....needless to say that shut us up pretty quick.....Moore is one of those guys you don't want to tease about something like that......he would actually do it!!!

Well it was a lot of fun....I was so tired after that....my shoulder was sore the next morning! Moore we hope it's not the last time you come out to visit!

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  1. I'm so so jealous and can't believe you didn't invite me! Not that I would have been able to come seeing that I'm in DC and you're Arizona...but I could have dreamed! It looks like so much fun