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Friday, December 14, 2007

Done with school....(for now)....FINALLY!!

So I just took my last final.....do you know what that means?......it means that I am officially done with this semester of classes!!! It was the hardest semester I have ever taken...and I knew that when I registered for the classes. Clint convinced me that I could do it and that it would be so worth it because then I would be done with my prereq's and I could just be done until I get into the program.....so I took his advice and I took Organic Chemistry and lab, Microbiology and lab, and Anatomy and Physiology and lab. I knew I would just have to throw myself into it 100% to get A's, so I didn't really do anything this semester other than school....I missed out on a lot of fun activities and get togethers. =(
But the good news is that it is over! Clint was right, it was so worth it. I took my Anatomy final yesterday at 7:30 am (thanks to those who talked me into taking it...I am so glad I did, it ended up replacing my lowest test score and bumped me up a letter grade) and then my Ochem final at 12:20....by 1:45 I was at the bookstore selling my books back!!! It is such a good feeling....I got the grades I wanted so I won't be taking any of them again! It was so nice to get home yesterday, turn on the TV and watch Grey's Anatomy without thinking "I really need to go study". It was nice to get to go to bed at a decent hour without worrying about what quiz I was going to take the next morning!
I am so grateful for those who helped me out, who supported me, tolerated me.....listened when I was in the middle of a major breakdown, and stood by on the sidelines to cheer me on! I
couldn't have done it without you guys!!!!


  1. Dang! I'm pretty sure I would've gone insane with a semester like that. I'm impressed

  2. thanks Ceci for the comment. Im proud of you too. But I knew you would rock it! your awesome like that! Love you so much,

    hey I need to show you how to add music to your blog it makes it so much funner to read.

    love ya Candi