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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So far so good...

It's been one week of cloth diapering and I am still pretty excited. With some help from fellow cloth diaper users and my mom I have even managed to not mind the poopy ones. I tried out T's sprayer on her toilet and am sold! I am totally impressed at how easy it's been and I feel silly for putting it off for so long.

One downfall I am less than thrilled about is having to put away a whole stash of clothes she hasn't even worn yet because of her extra junk in her trunk.

Believe it or not, Clint is on board and has even changed a couple of the poopy ones. When I asked him for a statement for our blog he declined and was suddenly unavailable for comment.

Thanks for the advice and comments.


  1. hehehe, that's funny that he won't comment.

  2. i stopped in on Clint and Lina at home today in the afternoon and found her in sposie! =)

  3. I noticed the extra bulk in the baby clothes too, but they are pretty stretchy so sometimes I just made them fit if they were cute. And remember cute dresses can be worn as shirts in a few months. My favorite 3-6 month dresses are still being worn with tights. Have you heard of baby legs?