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Friday, January 8, 2010

Diaper Sprayer. DIY or Namebrand?

I am debating whether I should get the diaper sprayer from BumGenius or venture out to Home Depot to get all the parts and have my sister's boyfriend who has plumber experience put it all together for me.

Any thoughts out there?

Here's a link that I found online that makes it sound so easy and claims it can be done for $25! That's half of the bumgenius sprayer.

DIY Diaper Sprayer Made Easy


  1. It's $35 at Wildflower diapers in Scottsdale. Totally worth it. It took Eric 10 (and I mean it) minutes to hook it up and we haven't had a single problem with it.

  2. Check out Ebay for the sprayer - I saw some on there for about $18 with free shipping. Also, if you buy more Bumgenius diapers from cottonbabies.com use BESTDEAL as a coupon code to get 5% off your order.