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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Charlie's Here!

Last week Charlie Eve Henriquez was born. She is going to be Lina's BFF, once they meet. We went to see them but Lina wasn't allowed to go into the hospital. Dang flu precautions!

Charlie looks just like Megan, she's got a round little face, blonde hair, and a couple of dimples. She's a strong baby and came out weighing almost 9 lbs. She is so tiny compared to Lina but I have a feeling that if she takes after Jonathan she won't have too hard of a time catching up.

OOHH!! I just love my new little niece! She is so precious, I wish they lived closer so I could smother her with kisses!

Good job guys.....she's perfect!


  1. She is so beautiful and precious:) She ALMOST makes me want to have another one soon...ALMOST:) Congrats! Lina will definitely love her.