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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why Now???!!

Saturday we got back from a nice relaxing weekend trip with friends up in Strawberry, went to dinner at my MIL's house, got home to an extremely warm house.........Yup! Our AC broke! It was 9:00 pm so we called our home warranty company and they sent through a work order for someone to come look at it Monday morning!

Chain of Events that followed that prove that life can always get a little more complicated than
you think:

  • Saturday night we toted our baby, dog, and ourselves over to spend the night at my mom's house.
  • Sunday night we all spent the night at my MIL's.
  • Monday I headed off to my first day back at work, leaving Lina and Scooter with my MIL.
  • AC guy diagnosed the problem.....bad compressor.....can't get the part until Tuesday.
  • Monday night spent the night at my MIL's.
  • Tuesday morning get a call from AC guy to let us know they can't get the part yet.
  • Tuesday morning had Candi meet Clint to take Lina back to my parent's house since our house is too hot for them.
  • Headed off to work..........hoping and praying that they will fix it today!!!

I really miss my bed! I've been living out of a duffle bag since Thursday!!!


  1. Eric does AC so if you need an inside guy, call me.

  2. Oh my goodness!! That sounds horrible!! We had our AC break when we lived in the desert awhile ago and it was horrible. It was 96-ish inside the house! Hope you get it fixed ASAP. And is it really time to go back to work already?? crazy week!

  3. It crazy, everyone that I know is having AC problems right now. Our A/C just went out twice within a week. (it was not a cheap fix wither) I feel your pain. . . If you need a place to stay, your more than welcome at our place. So, when are we going to hang out???