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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Special Day for The Burgess Family.

Lina's blessing day finally arrived! Courtesy of Armando's mom's seamstress skills, she was dressed in a gorgeous little white dress that mirrored my wedding dress almost exactly. With a lot of family members and close friends to join us, we enjoyed a brief moment set aside just for Lina. As the circle of worthy priesthood holders encircled her, Clint gave her a perfect blessing. The Spirit was present.

Our luncheon turned out to be quite a hectic get together. I don't think we realized how big our family has gotten. We counted....we managed 50 people in our house today! Maximum capacity for our house is probably closer to half of that.

It was a special day in which gratitude filled our hearts for so many blessings...a perfect daughter, an eternal family, friends and family who love and support us, and the gospel.

What else could we ask for?
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(more pics on Lina's blog)


  1. I am so happy I could be there to witness your joy! I love you, Lina and Clint!

    The dress was prefect, so get to sharing photos!

  2. So I hate to be a needy blogging friend, but can we please get a few more pictures of your baby! :) Congratulations on the blessing. I hope you wrote it down.

  3. that is so cute that her blessing dressing matched your wedding dress!

    my email address is: apecamlehman@gmail.com

    can't wait to read more about little Lina!

  4. Ceci and Clint! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You guys are the cutest little family ever. Seriously, she is precious!