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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obsessed or just a new mom?

I've noticed a pattern amongst my friends' blogs. Whenever one of them has a baby, their blog becomes flooded with pictures of thier new bundle of joy and an endless supply of stories about the new baby. Some of the most random pictures get posted, from things as ugly as blow outs and baby acne to the most memorable milestones and family photos at the blessing.

I swore I wasn't going to become obsessed.

I was wrong.

Here's the evidence of my obesession...

FYI: I am going to start a private blog where I will be able express my obsession guilt free. For those of you who want to keep up with it post it in your comment and I will email you the link.


  1. It's okay! We don't mind. And I think it's just new Mom. :) I used to just sit and stare at Ellie when she was first born. It's not that bad any more.

  2. Can I please be invited??!! jillywitt@gmail.com She's adorable!

  3. No need to feel guilty, it's just life. You are so funny.
    Count me in! bertness03@yahoo.com

  4. ceci! this is april (schumacher). i found you through bert's blog! congrats on the new little girl! she is precious!

    i would love to read your blog and read you obsessing over your girl! apecamlehman@gmail.com

  5. Ceci I would love to be invited.
    kmarxutah@hotmail.com :) Your baby is so darn cute!

  6. You wouldn't be a mother if you didn't think your kid was the most wonderful thing on earth and you wanted to tell everybody about it!! I'm sure nobody minds. But should you decide to make another "braggin' blog" we would love to see it! nursesawyer04@gmail.com

  7. Ceci-
    Your little girl is adorable! Congrats to you and Clint. I have enjoyed reading your blog.
    Andrea (Tellez) Ulmer

  8. hahaha I love it!!!

    of course I want in. curls_242@hotmail.com

  9. I want to be invited blisterwiggs@hotmail.com Or kd7bpk@hotmail.com (this one is Clints) She is so cute! Congrats again, and aren't they so fun, and change so fast.

  10. Hey Tia Ceci,
    I can not wait till I meet Lina!!! She is SO cute!!! I miss you guys SO much!! FYI I come home Monday night!!! Well love you and email me your blog, PLEASE!!! See you soon!!! HERE'S MY EMAIL


  11. Hi Ceci, I knew Clint when I lived with the Cliffords and I have even met you a long time ago. I would totally like to be invited to your blog! Congrats on your beautiful baby. heatherballard@live.com

  12. don't forget to put Aunt Martha on that list, we love to keep up with you since we don't see you very often. Keep bragging I love it.
    Sorry about the user name, I am grandma sawyer but not to Lina

  13. I tried laeving a comment on your other blog but it's wasn't working to well. So here's my comment for your latest entry... You're so funny! And I can totally relate to you about Clint having to go to work and leaving you home ALONE for hours. I did the same thing. I had a melt down and as I look back on it, I don't know why I did. I knew what I was doing. Maybe it's just the idea that something MIGHT have happened that I DIDN'T KNOW how to handle. Anyway, hang in there. It get easier with time!

  14. Hey what about me?? I want to join in. Just in case.. Fuf8@hotmail.com, or bdmcdowell@gmail.com I don't know if hotmail works.

  15. Hey Clint and Ceci! It's Lisa (Scott) Woods from High School. I ran into your blog through Alicia's and would love to keep up with you guys. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!!!! My email is scottlisamarie@hotmail.com