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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deal or No Deal?!

I have expanded my love for bargains, reconsidered my habit of sleeping in on Saturday, and might be addicted to garage sales now!

The past two Saturdays I've gotten up super early on the hunt for people selling their baby stuff for super cheap...I have been successful to say the least.

Here are my finds from this week:

Changing pad and cover....$5

32 Onesies...$13

Baby Einstein Activity Mat thing...$10

The Magic Bullet with all the accessories still in the box...$15


  1. I love it!! That's how Mallory got a lot of her big baby items! I just love a good deal!

  2. You got a bullet for that cheap??!!!! Good find!...oh and cool about the baby clothes too. ;) I love the bullet!

  3. Seriously, garage sales are the BEST!! I am so mad I missed The power ranch community sale last Sat, I was looking forward to it for a year. I know how you feel about being addicted, few things are better than getting stuff for dirt cheap.