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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There's nice weather again...

About once a year Clint and I do a small amount of reflecting on our lives and realize that we don't do enough "active" activities. We got bikes...but hardly every ride them. We have a park in our backyard....but hardly ever go there. We have a nice little neighborhood....but hardly ever take walks. And this time of reflection usually comes as a result of nice weather we realize we are missing out on while all cooped up inside watching The Office, The Bachelor, or The Biggest Loser. So we usually (about once a year) decide we want to change and we go on a hike. Yes A hike. I think there is an older post of us going on a hike last year, yes A hike. This year we opted to leave our sissy dog Scooter at home and picked up two of my yw, Alejandra and Karla. They were good sports....for the most part.


  1. You went for a hike! You are brave. My doctor wants me to walk a hour at a time and I can bearly find time to do that. specially with all the snow, once it is gone I hope to do better! Exercise is good specailly when pregnant.

  2. Hiking!! good job, we need to go together!

  3. what in the world!!!!! you guys are preggers!!! congrats congrats congrats!! omg...I had no idea! we need to go shopping ceci!!

  4. You are so cute! You don't even look pregnant! It's Alejandra and Karla!!! That's cool that you have them as part of YW again! You guys are adorable!