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Monday, February 9, 2009

Final Answer?

The ultrasound tech said she is 100% sure we are having a girl...then the three most important words of advice..."shop, shop, shop!".

Here's the first pics of our little girl...


  1. She's gorge!! Don't you feel a little funny seeing her spinal cord? hhahahaha

  2. How cute! Congrats in two weeks and five days I get to find out what we are having! Yeah so excited, and Yeah time to shop!

  3. Sorry I voted Twice I like both Lina and Isabella. They are cute names.

  4. I'm so happy! I cant wait for my new baby girl to be here already!!!
    she is going to be so spoiled, she dosent even know whats coming her way!

  5. Yah for the Burgess!! I hope she turns out to be a little Angel! Babies are so much fun to hold.. can't wait for you!

  6. Hey guys!! I didn't you had a blog!! I had so much fun checkin out your sight! I'll have to tell Bryce when he gets home for work so that he can check it out too. Congrats on the news that it's a girl! Your house will now be flooded with pink! =P Yeah! It's so exciting!