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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Valentine's Day!

For those of you who don't know....Clint is really not the most creative when it comes to date planning. His idea of a perfect night is staying at home, eating a home cooked meal, and watching the History channel. Fortunately, he married someone who has a better idea of how to have fun! =]

So with Valentines Day coming up and after missing the one year anniversary.... he knew he had to do something! And let me tell ya.....he really did a great job.

I came home from work to find a gourmet "home cooked meal" (secretly from Bacci's Bistro)....all set out on the table with candles and dimmed lighting. I was very impressed. We ate this awesome dinner and then exchanged gifts. Funny thing about that is that we both gifted eachother smelly stuff....(do we stink or something?).

Then he had the bikes loaded up in the truck and we went for the bike ride I have been begging him to go on for weeks!

Then we got frozen yogurt and headed home to watch the Suns Game!!

My husband is so freaking cute!!!


  1. Hi Guys!

    We found your website again! Your Valentine's Day sounded much better than ours! Brian had to go to Urgent Care because of a nasty ear infection!

    Brian & Ami Igleski

  2. awe! Im glad, clint came through!! Sound like fun!

  3. Ceci!!!! I found you :) You look beautiful, and it sounds like all is well for you! I'm getting married in April, can't wait! We should probably catch up sometime.. It's been far to long, my love! My email address is elisabethlynn@gmail.com. I love you!