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Monday, October 11, 2010

Camping Trip-Labor Day

I have something to blog about....yeh, it's kinda been a while since this trip....so better late than never right?

We went up the Rim to get away from the heat for a long weekend.
I was hesitant about the "real camping" experience.

We had a good time sitting around the campfire, talking, eating, and eating some more.

Lina had a whiskey tango weekend.
wife beater...check.
socks with sandals...check.
spandex pants...check.

Lina hated leaving the lake.

The trip home was eventful.
Not just because of hundreds of people who were also trying to make it back to town.
We got a flat tire and had no jack or cell phone service.
Kolby caught a ride back to Mesa.
Ernest eventually turned back to see what was taking us so long.

It only took us 3 hours to get back from Payson.


  1. LOL I think the travel portion was harder than the camping portion.

  2. we haven't seen you guys in so long! your little girl is so big now and so adorable.