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Monday, May 10, 2010

A bit of polishing.

I had the awesome privilege of going to Women’s Conference this year. I’d always heard of women going and coming back fully recharged and uplifted, but never had the experience myself. So when Jacque put the idea out there I seriously considered it. I ran it by Tawnya, she was game. Jacque did some flight juggling so she could meet us in AZ for a fun filled classic girl’s road trip.
A few miscommunications, a pregnant lady, a misguided trip to Nielsen’s, and a terrible snow storm in Southern UT made the drive a bit longer than it should have been but we made it.
Collette, Tawnya’s MIL, was very generous and let us crash at her house, and even shared her warm clothes with us so we wouldn’t have to brave the UT spring weather (52 degrees) in flip flops.
The next morning the fun continued. We met in the Marriot Center. What a sight to see. 15,000 women gathered to receive the instruction to become better. We scaled a row of seats to get to the row that Jacque had saved us. As I heard the sisters address us I felt the spirit crawl into the corners of my heart and fill me with a sense of gratitude that I don’t have the words to describe.
Grateful that my husband made so many arrangements with his school/work schedule to make this happen. Grateful for my MIL’s for chipping in with Lina. Grateful for such great friends to do this with. Grateful for parents who brought me up in the gospel and taught me an appreciation for righteous knowledge. 
I learned a lot about my role in this life and how to fulfill it. The privilege of being a mother should be done joyfully; I left UT with some tools that will help me accomplish this.
The spirit was amazing. For two days I was constantly fed by his promptings, tender mercies, and some rebuking.
I have a quite a bit of things to "polish up". My attitude, perspective, dedication, prayers, etc.
I can’t wait to go again next year!


  1. Hey! I was there too!!!!! didn't see you! how funny!

  2. I just realized that I didn't comment on this... LOVED the way you described it... it's true! Thanks for a great time and being a great example for me. This was a good reminder of what I came away with.