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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Post Prego Bod

I'd always heard "your body will never be the same after a baby"...but I didn't really grasp the reality of this tragedy until I saw it in the mirror for myself.

I am coming to grips with my evolving body and slowly accepting that it will NEVER be the same.

<-------------- How long does it really take to shed the weight?

What blows my mind is these celebrity moms who look amazing only a few months after giving birth (of course with the help of their personal trainer, cook, nanny, and possibly plastic surgeon).

Klum only two months after giving birth.

J Lo completed a triathalon 5 months after twins.

Kate Hudson, 4 1/2 months post prego.

Is it really do-able?


  1. you are funny. the weight will be off before you know it, esp. if you're nursing. It just really sucks till then, we all feel your pain! Just have faith.

  2. Honey, you look awesome and you know it!! I would not trade you for any of the loosey gooseys.

  3. Yes, losing the weight is do-able but getting the tone back is what's really hard. Ugh, I hate seeing hot celebrity moms!!! Not fair to have so much time and money to work on yourself!

    p.s. you look awesome!!

  4. you look good, plus your not wearing the same size as me so your really good :)

    I hate celebrities!