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Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is me...

I just stole this from Vance's blog...It was actually pretty funny...you guys should try it. All you do is answer the questions, and put your answers in a Google images search then post the first picture that comes up!

My name is: Cecilia

My middle name is: Catalina

My last name is: Burgess.

My favorite vacation spot is: Jerome, AZ. (this is where Clint popped the question.)

How old am I? 24 (Confession: I was addicted to this show and for three weeks straight I stayed up till odd hours of the night to watch three seasons!!)

Where I'd like to go someday: Dominican Republic (this is where Clint served his mission).

Where I grew up: Mesa, AZ.

My favorite food: Pupusas!!!

Favorite treat: homemade cheesecake

Where I live right now: Mesa, AZ (this was crazy! It really did snow in Mesa just two years ago!)

Favorite Animal: Mini-Schnauzer

Favorite Color: Yellow

I'm married to: Clint

Describe Hubby: Freaking Awesome!!!

What I do for work: State Farm Insurance