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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Candi Comes to Visit!

Candi has been in Cali all summer long for her summer internship! Sometimes I am in auto pilot and when I go to send a mass text to the famiy announcing some get together I forget to not include her and she so politely replies "wish I could".....

Well this weekend was Emma's birthday dinner. We met at the new pupuseria for the routine overly loud crowded get together to eat....that is how we celebrate everything! And Ernest showed up with his date....who we all were totally not expecting................IT WAS CANDI!! She had surprised us all and flew in that evening and was just here for the weekend! It was a lot of fun to have her here. We took advantage and went to the lake super early on Saturday!

I would post pictures of the cool wakeboard tricks we were all doing but.........well.....there weren't really any..........maybe at the end of the summer! =)


  1. Ceci, this makes me smile. Not sure if its because you wrote about me or if you just blogged!! :) I had a great time visiting. It was extremely nice to see you all. I wish I could be there now. I miss you all, oh so much.
    I love you.

    keep blogging.

  2. what a fun surprise!! I love Candi,she's the greatest. SO, how is the new house?

  3. OH!! How fun! I'm sad I didn't get to see her.