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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moore and Wiggs Tie the Knot!!!

It seemed like just yesterday that Wiggs and I were out tracting in Lockport, picking berries off of trees, almost peeing our pants from laughing so much all the time, and trying to help the little Spanish branch of Joliet grow.....

It seemed like just a few weeks ago that I was teasing Moore for being "the most excited district leader ever", and giving him crap for being President's favorite....

....but it wasn't just yesterday, and it wasn't just a few weeks ago....in fact it was a couple of years....and in that time a lot has happened....

Wiggs and Moore realized that great friends sometimes turn out to be more than just friends...and they finally got hitched!

Yup, Moore and Wiggs are now husband and wife. I was honored to be present! It was such a blast to get to do the pictures for them! We did manage to get Moore to smile for some of them, that was a task in itself! They both looked great and sooooo happy! The temple was amazing, as always!

Arizona's warm weather was definitely a shocker for the Moore family but they were all such good sports about it! It was fun to see the Nefs, and also Hipps and his wife....we all reminisced on the good ol' mission days.

The reception was a lot of fun! They had performances by different friends and family, awesome food, fun music, and an exciting exit!

Congratulations to the new Moore family!

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  1. WOW! Those are some great pictures. I'm so sad that I missed it. Wish I could have been there.