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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Our First Chrismas!

So this Christmas we got fat eating tamales, ham, funeral potatoes and chocolate!.... luckily Scooter insists on brisk walks so we are out a lot more than we used to!

This year was cool, since we had already gotten our gift opening out of the way, on Christmas morning we headed over to Clint's mom's house to do gifts. We were really excited because we got Marian a digital camera and so we were anxious to see her open it! She loved it! We got movies, and clothes and some yummy food for lunch!! We lounged around with Uncle Eric and Norm, took naps, watched movies. Then in the afternoon we went over to my parents house and did gifts with them. We had Candi so we were really excited because we knew we got her exactly what she asked for, a watch and perfume! She had us and she got us movies and me a jewelry armoire! I LOVE IT!!! My parents gave us a dril!! YES!! and clothes too. Check out Candi's blogger for pics of it all!

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  1. I love my gift!!! Everyone compliments my watch, all the time. And I know I smell good. Armando loves the way I smell. You guys did awesome this year. Thank you for the gifts.